For climbing in complete safety and tranquillity

Rope, carabiners and climbing shoes or crampons and boots for high mountain ascents

If you want to do mountaineering, rock climbing in the Dolomites or in the Alps, climb ice and snow peaks, climb high mountain ridges and north walls, we offer you a series of proposals for climbing with the Mountain Guides of Dolomiti Outdoor.

What do we offer you?

Classic and modern climbing in the Dolomites: repeat a classic or modern route, try to open a new route in the Dolomites, experience a winter ascent or a bivouac on the wall.

High mountains: north walls to climb on crampon tips, the most beautiful and aerial ridges, normal routes to the highest peaks.

...and if you have in mind a climb you have always dreamed of, we will be happy to bond with you to begin this vertical journey.

scalare in Dolomiti

Classic and modern individual ascents in the Dolomites

In the program of classic ascents in the Dolomites we propose you to climb in the mountains or on the vertical walls of the Dolomites accompanied by the Mountain Guide, to consolidate your experience and above all to spend unique days on walls, peaks, mountains that are for us places where everything returns to the essential and the most banal simplicity.

Dolomiti spigolo piaz

We are a field of action in all Dolomitici groups. We have prepared for you a price list and a list of classic climbs in the Dolomites where you can find the right climbing route for you. If you want to climb a peak in the Dolomites that is not in our list send us a request and we will give you a quote and a personalized program for the ascent you want to do. Our suggestions on the routes to climb if you want to get closer to the world of climbing in the Dolomites, to climb the most beautiful and significant intineraries in the various mountain groups.

The enthusiasm, professionalism and great experience in the Dolomites that distinguishes our staff of Alpine Guides is the starting point of our way of working, of our activity that we do with you, from the easy hike to the climbing school, to the challenging climb of a peak rediscovering the rhythms of the mountain, sharing with you emotions, objectives, myths through the slowest way of moving on earth!

A backpack, with personal equipment and all the necessary technical equipment (helmet, shoes, harness, carabiners, nuts, friends, rope...) for climbing, a good climbing companion and our little-great adventure can begin. Full days, from dawn to dusk to climb the most beautiful and important walls and peaks of the Dolomites, passing where our mountaineering myths have written unforgettable pages.

Ascents in the high mountains

Dolomiti Crozzon di Brenta

Cross the glaciers to climb peaks in Trentino-Alto Adige. Walk along rocky and snowy ridges with crampons on your feet, staying overnight in mountain huts or bivouacs at high altitudes. Wake up at dawn, the sun rising behind the mountains, crampons biting on the ice. Our high mountain programme ranges from the most important mountain groups in Trentino-South Tyrol to the most famous glacial peaks via the easiest access routes or the most challenging and little frequented climbs.

North walls

Cold, great insulation, long approaches, assured mountaineering engagement. With picozze and crampons the frozen slides of the highest north walls of Trentino-Alto Adige. Full days to savour the wildest and most hidden corners of the high mountain walls.