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Wild Blue trek


Selvaggio Blue, trek with the Dolomites Outdoor Mountain Guides

The most difficult trek in Italy, beyond your expectations, across wild scenery overlooking the rocky coastline of Sardinia's most beautiful sea.

trekking in Sardinia The name Selvaggio Blu (Wild Blue) has all the right ingredients to make this trek unique, between the cliffs overlooking the sea and the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean. These five days will give you something more than a simple trek, it will give you a taste for real adventure.

Orienteering problems, paths which are only tracks, risky and inaccessible terrain, a few cairns to show the way, climbing up cliffs and down valleys, abseiling down to reach woods hanging over the sea, sleeping overnight under the stars, one heavy back pack, unbelievable beaches, five days in the wild just around the corner (from home).

trekking in sardinia

For a fit trekker and anyone who loves unusual experiences the Selvaggio Blu trek cannot be missed. The trip leaves from S. Maria  Navarrese then goes up to the Golgo plain dominated by the cliffs of Monte Santu cape and the rock pinnacle emerging from the sea of Pedra Longa.

Wild Blue trek on the edge!

An intricate and maze like system of trails and mule tracks lead us along the coast over the Orosei gulf, looking for the most panoramic sections overlooking the typical characteristic of this trek: the sea.

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  • Level: for fit and expert trekkers with experience of short rock climbs
  • Duration: 5 days trek + travel
  • Period: May 2016
  • Number participants: minimum 4 people
  • Location: S. Maria Navarrese (Ogliastra)
  • Price: 1150 euros per person

The itinerary covers Porto Pedrosu, a strip of sea which advances inland, Punta Salina, the most panoramic point in Sardinia, Cala Goloritzè, the most monumental of beaches, Mudaloru beach, the Mancosu oasis to land, in the true sense of the word, at Cala Sisine, the end of our little independent trip.

Selvaggio Blu, the story of a path, of an incredible idea, a dream

Selvaggio Blu started off as an idea when M. Verin and P. Cicalò started to explore the wild coast between S. Maria Navarrese and Cala Gonone, no roads nor easy access as it was invaded by the wildness of nature, from rock faces overlooking the sea to cliffs hiding fabulous little beaches. 40 km of coast without any easy or safe access apart from the sea. We are talking about the 1980s here.

Sunrise from the Selvaggio blu hotel

By retracing the old mule tracks which were made by the coal men at the end of the nineteenth century, the aim is to stay as close as possible to the sea, joining Guglia di Pedra Longa with Cala Sisine, which is the official end of Selvaggio Blu.

Sardegna, selvaggio blu

Contact with the sea is their aim and they use climbing gear to manage in their intent. In many stages of the trek using a rope to climb up rock steps or abseil down to the coast is indispensable.

In May 1988 they finished the entire itinerary at Cala Sisine and they chose to call it "Selvaggio Blu" (Wild Blue) combining in these two words the essence of this trek.

Sardinia, a dive into the sea

Programme & logistics

day 1: meeting point at S. Maria Navarrese in the hotel early afternoon, meet the other participants and explanation of trek. Dinner and overnight stay in the hotel.

day 2: Transfer in a 4 wheel drive onto the Golgo plateau and start of Selvaggio Blu trek from Cuile Duspiggius to Porto Quau. 5/7 hour walk. Dinner and bivouac under the strars. Short climbing to come out of bacu Tenadili.

day 3: From port Quau at Cala Goloritzè passing by the Salinas belvedere. 5/7 hour walk. Dinner and bivouac under the stars.

day 4: From Cala Goloritzè and Bacu Mudaloru, along the valley of Boladina, the plateau and Lattone. 6/7 hours walk. Dinner and bivouac under the stars. Sections require rock climbing and abseiling. (the most difficult stage of the trek).

day 5: from Bacu Mudaloru at Cuile Mancosu, across Bacu Feliau and Ololbizzi. 5 hours walk. Dinner and bivouac under the starts. Short sections of rock climbing and abseiling.

day 6: from Cuile Mancosu to cala Sisine through the woods of Birìola and Oronnoro. 5/7 hours walk. End of trek and return by rubber dinghy to S.Maria Navarrese. Dinner and overnight stay in hotel (finally a shower!) Climbing and abseiling.

day 7: return back home.

trekking in sardinia, wild blue

After 25 years, nowadays Selvaggio Blu is a trek which is loved and hated by the locals: there are those who want to tame it with signposts and there are those who want to keep it wild even if this means getting rid of some of the blue signposts found on the trails and erasing some tracks. There are those who are jealous of this itinerary which is one of a kind, while there are those who want to hide it from trekkers. Everyone has their own story to tell, everyone at least once in their lifetime has got lost and will continue doing so, because if you don’t get lost along this trek then it is no longer a wild trek?!

trekking in sardinia

  • The price includes:
    1. Mountain Guide for 5 days
    2. 2 nights half board in a hotel at S.Maria Navarrese
    3. half-board throughout the trek (breakfast and dinners)
    4. Trekking logistics
  • Not included in the price:
    1. Transfer to Sardinia (ship or plane). Opportunity to book
    2. Everything which is not indicated is not included in the price





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