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Climbing in Sardinia, discover new routes


Sardinia, blu climbing

The Med's best sea, many walls to climb on, with climbing of all levels on perfect limestone.

climbing in Sardinia Climbing in Sardinia is a unique experience, going to the beach to climb, a back pack and climbing shoes, a rope, a harness and a bathing suit, flippers and a mask. An intensive climbing course open to everyone, uncontaminated nature and a dreamlike sea where you climb on the beach.


climbing in sardinia


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  • Level: for everyone
  • Duration: 7 days
  • Period: 7th/14th June 2015
  • Number of participants: minimum 4 people
  • Area: Cala Gonone
  • Cost: 850 euros per persons.


Where do we climb?

The crags overlook the sea, it is possible to climb even during winter time, walls and wild areas in the hinterland, an island which is not only sea! We are in the gulf of Orosei, at Cala Gonone, a few minutes by boat from the famous beaches of Cala Luna and Goloritzè, these are unforgettable areas for climbers and lovers of Mediterranean nature.

Climbing at Cala Fuili on single pitches directly overlooking the sea, discover the amazing limestone of the multi pitch routes of Surtana.

climbing on the  Goloritze' Aguglia


Not only walls and crags overlooking the sea but a lot of rock in the heart of Sardinia, only a few kilometres from Cala Gonone: the wild canyons of Su Gorroppu and the uncontaminated Supramonte with its routes which are very similar to the Dolomites punta Cusidore and punta Carabidda.

Why climb in Sardinia?

In a few squared kilometres which surround Cala Gonone there are dozens of crags made of perfect limestone, they all have different styles of climbing to analyse the various climbing techniques. Learn to improve your footwork on Poltrona's technical routes where balance and precision are fundamental.

Improve your technique in climbing overhangs, we will analyse the triangle progression in the crag of the grotto di Bidiriscottai, a crag which overlooks the sea, with a sandy base, which overhangs a few metres and at the same time offers routes for both beginners and expert climbers. Discover the technique of side pulling, footwork and how to hold correctly the holds on the multicoloured crag of Buchi Arta situated in a secluded place a few dozen kilometres from Cala Gonone.

Remember how abseil and set up anchor, and learn the correct rope manoeuvres on the Lilith spur, a 200 m long route with classic difficulties overlooking the sea.

And why not learn how to open a new bolted route?

A drill, hammer and bolts with a lot of uncontaminated rock on which to learn and to experiment. In June with Max we opened 2 beautiful 100 m long routes at Cala Gonone, Margheddìe sector.

Cala Gonone and the beauties of the Orosei Gulf.

Our destination is Sardinia not only for the large quantity of rock and its great quality, but also for its sea and its wild hinterland.

A comfortable apartment is our base, it overlooks the sea at Cala Gonone, in the centre of the Orosei Gulf. Towards south, 50 km of cliffs overlooking the sea offer hidden corners with amazing beaches and walls which are accessible only by boat or by long and wild approach walks from the hinterland. By renting a kayak it is possible to reach the famous Cala Luna beach, by going round the Bue Marino caves where it is possible to climb directly on the beach.

Gain an increased familiarity with rope manoeuvres and abseiling by abseiling down the dried out canyon of codula Fuili, a 3 hour long wild trek, among oleanders, vertical walls, canyons, to then pop out onto the white pebbles of the cala Fuili beach.

Sardegna, codula Fuili

Visit the Nuragic Tiscali village, in the deep Supramonte di Oliena, a few kms from Cala Gonone. A crater which has been carved out in the mountain where you will find the remains of the Hypogeum village which can be reached with a 2 hour long trek setting off from the pools of rio Flumineddu's sweet water.

If you enjoy climbing, the contact with nature, beautiful rock and views, come with us on this blue climbing week in Sardinia.

A great idea to lengthen your summer and satisfy your desire for climbing!


  • The price includes:
    1. Mountain Guide's service for 6 days.
    2. rental of technical climbing gear.
    3. overnight stay in apartment at Cala Gonone.
    4. rental vehicle


  • Not Included in the price:
    1. petrol for vehicle.
    2. room and board (shared expense).





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