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Rock climbing courses in the Dolomites


Basic rock climbing course for vertical climbs in the Dolomites

Learn the techniques and basic rope manoeuvres. Your first climbs in the Dolomites will allow you to reach a summit by climbing up a rock face.

scalare sulla roccia A climbing course in the Dolomites for those of you who wish to learn how to climb, or for those who have never climbed before. A course which offers the opportunity to move on various rocky terrain, safely, with the use of a rope.

corso roccia

Three days, full on, in the heart of the Brenta Dolomites, in one of Trentino's most beautiful and welcoming mountain huts.

Four days of climbing on the best dolomite rock of the group with the ascent of the Brenta Dolomites' highest summit, cima Tosa 3173 m.


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  • Level: Basic, beginners (first experience)
  • Duration: 3 days
  • Period: August 8/10
  • Number of Participants: max 2 people
  • Area: Brenta Dolomites (TN)
  • Cost: 400 euros per person.


Dolomiti piz Ciavazez

Learning to climb in the Dolomites is a unique experience for anyone learning to climb. A classic climbing course with pegs, a hammer, nuts and cams to follow in the steps of the masters of climbing who have written the history of alpinism.

Surrounded by amphitheatres of walls of dolomite rock, in the heart of the Brenta Dolomites group. Tying up as part of a roped party, choosing the ascent line, setting up anchor on the rock face, reaching the peak and abseiling back down to the bottom of the face.

Our climbing course in the Dolomites is the best opportunity to learn and improve in all climbing techniques on rock, gaining confidence with rope manoeuvres which are indispensable for the safety and progression of any roped party.

Technical text and a photographic cd will give you the extra tools to learn climbing techniques and rope manoeuvres.


Subjects developed throughout the climbing course

  • Basic climbing techniques: basic progression.
  • Safety anchor: anchors - the use of a rope- how to belay your climbing partner- the fall factor. The anchor chain: belays- using a rope.
  • Abseils: preparing-recovery.
  • Progressing as a roped party: analysing the progression of the roped party and safety on alpine terrain. Anchors with pegs, nuts and cams.

The climbing course programme

day 1: During the morning approach walk to Agostini hut. During the afternoon hands on lesson of climbing techniques and use of climbing gear.

day 2: Traverse of cima Tosa 3173 m. (Migotti route + normal route , II grade). Abseil down.

day 3: Ascent of the normal route on the torre d'Ambiez (200 m. III grade). Abseil down. 

  • The price includes:
    1. Mountain Guide service
    2. Rental of technical gear
    3. Teaching material
    4. Certificate of attendance
  • The price does not include:
    1. participant's room and board
    2. The Mountain Guide's room and board is paid by the participants





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